Parallel Computing

Parallel computing has become the dominant paradigm in computer architecture in recent years. The parallel computation group includes three sub-groups addressing the design of parallel software, from languages to algorithms and to the fields computational foundations.

* The Multicore algorithmics Group headed by Prof. Nir Shavit develops techniques for designing, implementing, and reasoning about multiprocessor algorithms, in particular concurrent data structures for multicore machines and the mathematical foundations of the computation models that govern their behavior.

* The Supertech Research Group headed by Prof. Charles E. Leiserson investigates the technologies that support scalable high-performance computing, including hardware, software, and theory.

* The Applied Computing Group headed by Prof. Alan Edelman designs software for high performance computing, develops algorithms for numerical linear algebra and researchs random matrix theory and its applications.

The ParAlg Group headed by Prof. Julian Shun designs and implements parallel algorithms, data structures, and programming frameworks that are efficient both in theory and in practice on modern parallel machines. 


Current PhD students

Siddhartha Jayanti

Jessica Shi

Tom Tseng

Yiqiu Wang

Shangdi Yu