Theory of Distributed Systems (TDS)

Theory of Distributed Systems Seminars


Spring 2020

February 28, 2020: Saptaparni Kumar: Fault-tolerant atomic storage in truly-dynamic message-passing systems

Fall 2019

December 18, 2019: Quanquan Liu: A Lower Bound for Byzantine Agreement and Consensus for Adaptive Adversaries using VDFs

December 13, 2019: Lewis Tseng: Exact Byzantine Consensus under Local Broadcast Model

October 18, 2019: Lili Su: Learning with Distributed Systems: Adversary-Resillience and Neural Networks

October 11, 2019: Brabeeba Wang: The First at All-Time Convergence Analysis for Biological Oja's Rule to Solve Streaming PCA

Summer 2019

July 26, 2019: Yael Hitron: Counting to Ten with Two Fingers: Compressed Counting with Spiking Neurons

Spring 2019

May 10, 2019: Nicole Wein: Lower Bounds for Dynamic Distributed Task Allocation

May 3, 2019: Radhika Nagpal: Talk about Collective Transport and Navigation in Ants

March 8, 2019: Brabeeba Wang: Integrating Temporal Information to Spatial Information in a Neural Circuit


Fall 2018

December 14, 2018: Quanquan Liu: On Bioelectric Algorithms: A Novel Application of Theoretical Computer Science to Core Problems in Developmental Biology

December 7, 2018: Lewis Tseng: Resilient Causal Memory in Client-Server Model

November 30, 2018: Rati Gelashvili: Why Extension-based Proofs Fail

November 16, 2018: Hoa Vu: Toward the Locality of Vizing's Theorem

October 12, 2018: Adam Alon: Deterministic Abortable Mutual Exclusion with Sublogarithmic Adaptive RMR Complexity

September 14, 2018: Kishori Konwar: FLECKS-Fast Lean Erasure-coded Consistent Key-value Store

Spring 2018

May 18, 2018: Nancy Lynch: An Algorithmic Theory of Brain Networks 

May 11, 2018: Siddhartha Jayanti: An Optimal Amortized Algorithm for Abortable Mutual Exclusion

May 4, 2018:  Ren Ling: Efficient Synchronous Byzantine Consensus

April 11, 2018: Mohsen Ghaffari: Improved Massively Parallel Computation Algorithms for MIS, Matching, and Vertex Cover

March 23, 2018: Lewis Tseng: Asynchronous Crash-Tolerant Consensus in Directed Graphs

March 16, 2018: Lili Su: Collaboratively Learning the Best Option, using Bounded Memory

March 9, 2018: Frederik Mallmann-Trenn: Self-Stabilizing Task Allocation in Spite of Noise

March 2, 2018: Dominik Pajak: Broadcast in stochastically varying networks

Fall 2017

December 8, 2017: Lili Su: Distributed Statistical Machine Learning in Adversarial Settings: Byzantine Gradient Descent

November 17, 2017: Kishori Konwar: RECS: Reconfigurable, Erasure coded, Consistent Storage

November 9, 2017: Shlomi Dolev: Encountering Challenges in Computer Science, Including, Quantum Safe Public Key Infrastructure

October 27, 2017: Siddartha Jayanti: Concurrent Disjoint Set Union

October 13, 2017: Lewis Tseng: Fault-Tolerant Consensus in Directed Networks

October 6, 2017: Slobodan Mitrovic: MapReduce and approximate Maximal Matchings

September 22, 2017: Dominik Pajak: Speedup in Graph Exploration with Multiple Walkers

September 15, 2017: Lilika Markatou: Leader Election in the SINR Model with Arbitrary Power Control

Spring 2017

April 7, 2017: Kishori Konwar and Prakash Nayarana Moorthy: A Layered Architecture for Erasure-Coded Consistent Distributed Storage

March 24, 2017: Johannes Bill: Unsupervised learning in spiking neural networks with memristor synapses

March 17, 2017: Lili Su: Securing Distributed Systems Against Adversarial Attacks

Fall 2016

December 16, 2016: Merav Parter: Graph Algorithms for Distributed Networks

December 9, 2016: Nicholas Schiefer: Computation and Construction in the Chemical Reaction Network-Controlled Tile Assembly Model

December 2, 2016: Hsin-Hao Su: Distributed Degree Splitting, Edge Coloring, and Orientations

November 22, 2016: Nicholas Schiefer: Models of Distributed Computing in Molecular Programming

November 16, 2016: Fernando Benavides: Introduction to Discrete Morse Theory for Distributed Computing

November 1, 2016: Nisha Panwar: On the Fly Authentication in Vehicular Networks

October 21, 2016: Merav Parter and Cameron Musco: Computational Tradeoffs in Biological Neural Networks: Self-Stabilizing Winner-Take-All Networks

October 17, 2016: Alkida Balliu: Local Distribution Verification

September 30, 2016: Sergio Rajsbaum: Specifying Concurrent Problems: Beyond Linearizability and up to Tasks

Spring 2016

June 16, 2016: Gopal Pandurangan: Distributed Computation of Large-scale Graph Problems

April 1, 2016: Cameron Musco and Hsin-Hao Su: Ant-Inspired Density Estimation via Random Walk

March 18, 2016: Tsvi Kopelowitz: A Class of $O(\log\log^* N)$ Problems in Distributed Computing: Contention Resolution, Counting, and Leader Election

March 4, 2016: Mohsen Ghaffari and Merav Parter: Minimum Spanning Tree in Log-Star Rounds of Congested Clique

February 26, 2016: Mohsen Ghaffari and Hsin-Hao Su: Generalizing the Congested Clique

February 15, 2016: Jimmy Zhu: A Tight Space Bound for Consensus

Fall 2015

December 4, 2015: Kishori Konwar: Storage-Optimized Data-Atomic Algorithms for Handling Erasures and Errors in Distributed Storage Systems

November 6, 2015: Hsin-Hao Su: Distributed (Delta+1)-Coloring in Sublogarithmic Rounds

October 23, 2015: Mohsen Lesani: Certified Causally Consistent Distributed Key-Value Stores

October 9, 2015: Murat Demirbas:  Hybrid Clocks for High Auditability

September 25, 2015: Merav Parter: Fault Tolerant BFS Structures: A Reinforcement-Backup Tradeoff

September 18, 2015 Mohsen Ghaffari: An Improved Distributed Algorithm for Maximal Independent Set

Spring 2015

April 24, 2015: Erez Kantor: Computing in Additive Networks with Bounded-Information Codes

April 17, 2015: Mohsen Ghaffari: Distributed Broadcast Revisited: Towards Universal Optimality

April 10, 2015: Stephan Holzer: A Local Broadcast Layer for the SINR Network Model CONTINUED

April 3, 2015: Stephan Holzer: A Local Broadcast Layer for the SINR Network Model

March 20, 2015: Mira Radeva and/or Cameron Musco: Distributed House-Hunting in Ant Colonies

February 10, 2015: Hsin-Hao Su: Distributed Algorithms for the Lovász Local Lemma and Graph Colorin

Fall 2014

December 16, 2014: Kishori Mohan Konwar: Dependable Decentralized Cooperation with the Help of Reliability Estimation

December 5, 2014: Mohsen Lesani: Eventual Consistency

November 21, 2014: Zhiying Wang:  smallWig: Compression on RNA-seq Expression Data

November 14, 2014: Mira Radeva: Studying House-Hunting in the Temnothorax Ant Using Distributed Computing Theory

November 7, 2014: Cameron Musco: Linear Sketching and Applications to Distributed Computation

October 31, 2014: Stephan Holzer: The Power of a Leader in the Stone Age

September 19, 2014: Eli Gafni: Generalized Asynchronous Computability Theorem

Spring 2014

May 16, 2014: Grigory Yaroslavtsev: Beyond Set Disjointness: The Communication Complexity of Finding the Intersection

April 11, 2014: Christoph Lenzen: Distributed Steiner Forest Construction

April 4, 2014: Justin Holmgren: Bitcoin

March 14, 2014: Stephan Holzer: Efficient Local Multi-Aggregation and Applications 

March 7, 2014: Magnus M. Halldorsson: Algorithmic Models for Wireless Networks

February 28, 2014: Danupon Nanogkai: Distributed Approximation Algorithms for Weighted Shortest Paths

February 21, 2014: Mohsen Ghaffari and Erez Kantor: Multi-Message Broadcast with Abstract MAC Layers and Unreliable Links

February 14, 2014: Mira Radeva: Trade-offs between Selection Complexity and Performance when Searching the Plane without Communication

Fall 2013

December 13, 2013: Jonathan Ponniah: A System-Theoretic Clean Slate Approach to Provably Secure Ad Hoc

November 22, 2013: Alejandro Cornejo: Long-Lived Distributed Localization of Robot Swarms

November 15, 2013: Calvin Newport: Distributed Algorithms in a Wireless World

November 8, 2013: Vasileios Trigonakis: Everything you always wanted to know about synchronization, but were afraid to ask

October 25, 2013:  Dan Alistarh: A Practical Renaming Algorithm

October 4, 2013:  Erez Kantor: Minimizing Storage and Communication Costs in CDNs

October 11, 2013: Vinod Vaikuntanathan: Tools in Multiparty Communication Complexity, and a lower-bound for Set Disjointness

September 27 2013: Zhiyang Wang: Coding for Information Storage

September 20, 2013:  Viveck Cadambe: Coded Atomic Shared Memory Emulation for Message Passing Architectures

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