Quantum Information Science

Quantum computing is a model of computation based on the laws of quantum mechanics. Quantum computers appear to be qualitatively more powerful than classical computers and have the potential to revolutionize cryptography as well as all areas of science that study complex quantum systems (e.g. physics, chemistry, biology). Research interests in the theory group include the study of quantum algorithms, quantum complexity theory (understanding the power of various quantum models of computation), quantum error correcting codes, and quantum information theory. We are also interested in theoretical problems arising from the study of near-term quantum devices. We collaborate closely with the cryptography group and across the wider landscape of quantum information science at MIT, including with groups in physics and electrical engineering. 


Faculty: Anand Natarajan, Peter Shor

Students: Sujit Rao, Tina Zhang

Postdocs: Honghao Fu

Student Alumni: Henry Yuen, Matthew Coudron, Alex Arkhipov, Adam Bouland, Daniel Grier, Luke Schaeffer, Mohammad Bavarian, Saeed Mehraban