Events and Seminars

Week of July 14, 2024

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- Theory of Computation (TOC) Seminars

- Algorithms and Complexity Seminars

- Bioinformatics Seminars

- Cryptography and Information Security (CIS) Seminars

- Theory of Distributed Systems (TDS) Seminars

- Theory and Beyond Seminars

-HCI Seminars

- Thesis Defenses

Reading Groups:

- Cryptography and Information Security Reading Group

- Algorithms and Complexity Student Reading Group

- Connectomics reading group

- Theory Reading group

Some other seminars of interest to the group include:

- MIT Mathematics Seminars and Colloquiums
- The Harvard Theory of Computation Seminars
- EECS link to other seminars of interest

Past Series:

- Analysis of Boolean Functions Seminar Series

- TCS+Online Seminar

- Reading group on Entanglement and Cryptography

-Harvard/MSR/MIT Reading Group