TCS+ is a biweekly online seminar series in theoretical computer science, accessible to the widest possible audience, and ensuring a carbon-free dissemination of ideas across the globe. Full details are available on the website:

Any individual can sign up on behalf of a group for a slot in the Hangout here: One should sign up for a slot, reserve a room in Stata for viewing, publicize this to the theory group, and set up their computer for joining the Hangout and watching to talk. If there are no more slots available, you can still watch live via Youtube, with a link available at the same URL.

The schedule of upcoming talks is available via this calendar: Also, announcements are made via the mailing list ( and the blog (

Videos and slides of past talks are available (, and also posted on the Youtube channel (

The local contact is Gautam Kamath (, so please ask him if you have any questions.