TOC Seminar Fall 2007

Sep 11

Scott Aaronson, MIT, CSAIL 
A New Barrier in Complexity Theory

Sep 18

Yishay Mansour, Tel Aviv University 
The Communication Complexity of Uncoupled Nash Equilibrium Procedures

Sep 25

Joint TOC-LIDS Colloquium 
Michael Kearns, University of Pennsylvania 
Behavioral Games on Networks 
Unusual LOCATION: 32-141

Oct 2

Devavrat Shah, MIT, LIDS 
Scheduling in "switched" networks

Oct 9

No Colloquium: Columbus Day 

Oct 16

No Colloquium: Assaf Naor is giving Norbert Wiener Lectures

Oct 23

Location: Providence, RI 

Oct 30

Umesh Vazirani, UC Berkeley 
Expander Flows, Graph Spectra and Graph Separators

Nov 6

Nancy Lynch, MIT, CSAIL 
Knuth Prize Lecture: Distributed Computing Theory: Algorithms, Impossibility Results, Models, and Proofs 

Nov 13

Joint TOC-LIDS Colloquium 
Kamal Jain, Microsoft Research, Redmond 
Atomic Economics 

Nov 20

Russell Impagliazzo, UC San Diego 
Uniform Direct Product Theorems: Simplified, Optimized, and Derandomized 

Nov 27

Aviv Regev, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard 
Automatic genome-wide reconstruction of phylogenetic gene trees 

Dec 4

Ryan O'Donell, CMU 
3-Query Dictator Testing 

Dec 11

James R. Lee, University of Washington 
Expander codes, distortion, and pseudorandom subspaces