TOC Seminar Spring 2003

Tues., Feb 11 David Johnson, AT&T Labs - Research
The Cutting-Stock Approach to Bin Packing: Theory and Experiments
Wed., Feb 12 NE43-518, 4:15 pm
David Williamson, IBM Almaden Research
Aggregation algorithms and Some Applications
Tues., Feb 18 Joseph Cheriyan, Univ. of Waterloo 
Splitting-off theorems and connectivity augmentation
Tues., Feb 25 Joint LIDS talk hosted by LCS
Dimitris Bertsimas, MIT 
Discrete Robust Optimization
Thurs., Feb 27 NE43-518, 4:05 pm (Refreshments at 3:50)
Ran Canetti, IBM Research 
Universally Composable Security: A New Paradigm for Cryptographic Protocols
Mon., Mar 3 NE43-518, 4:05 pm, (Refreshments at 3:50)
Ronitt Rubinfeld, NEC Research Institute 
What can we do in sublinear time?
Tue., Mar 4 Joint LIDS talk -- 35-225, 4:00 pm (Note special location)
David Karger, MIT 
A theoretical computer science approach to some LIDS problems 
Mon., Mar 10 NE43-518, 4:05 pm, (Refreshments at 3:50)
Tim Roughgarden, Cornell University 
Selfish Routing and the Price of Anarchy
Tues., Mar 18 Rajmohan Rajaraman, Northeastern University 
Meet and Merge: Approximation Algorithms for Confluent Flows
Fri., Apr 4 Ehud Kalai, Northwestern University 
Robust Equilibria in Games with many Agents
Tue., Apr 15 Oded Regev, Institute of Advanced Study 
New Lattice Based Cryptographic Constructions
Tue., May 13 Valentine Kabanets, UCSD 
Derandomizing Polynomial Identity Tests means Proving Circuit Lower Bounds
Tue., May 20 Amir Shpilka, Harvard/MIT 
Locally Testable Cyclic Codes