NEW: Harvard/MIT/MSR Reading Group starting October 9!

Mon, 09/28/2015

Many of you are probably familiar with the MSR/MIT Reading group that several of us co-organized in the past. (For those who are not familiar, this is a forum for in-depth seminars - 3hrs long - whiteboard only presentations where the speakers, and audience, get into the technical details of new and exciting results. While the seminar runs long, the audience is encouraged to attend for as long as they prefer, with a break at the 1.5hr mark being a particularly convenient time to stop.)

Based on semi-popular demand, Boaz Barak, Bobby Kleinberg, Aleksander Madry, Ankur Moitra are now going to try a v2 of this seminar, now alternating between Harvard, MIT and MSR! We hope that the three hour seminar will be worth the additional commute and hope many of you will be able to make it at all locations.  Seminars will start at 1:30, with *pizza at 1:15*.

This new seminar will start on October 9th with Ryan O'Donnell speaking (see title and abstract below) at Harvard. This will be followed by Bobby Kleinberg speaking at MIT and hopefully many more exciting talks in rough alternation. (And MSR will host in the summer.)

We will continue to use the old mailing list for this seminar, but if you are not already subscribed, you may do so by going to .  For more information on the reading group, please visit .

Looking forward to seeing many of you on October 9 and then every Friday afterwards!

Boaz, Bobby, Aleksander, Ankur & Madhu