Benny Applebaum: The Round Complexity of Perfectly-Secure Multiparty Computation

Thursday, July 2, 2020 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm
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Benny Applebaum

Abstract:  This talk is a follow-up to June 11th CIS seminar, but will be mostly self-contained. 

We study the round complexity of general secure multiparty computation (MPC) in the classical information-theoretic model of Ben-Or, Goldwasser, and Wigderson [BGW88]. That is, we strive for perfect, information-theoretic and error-free, security against any coalition of at most t computationally-unbounded corrupted parties. Classical feasibility results show that this is possible for any t<n/2 in the passive setting, when the parties follow the protocol, and up to t<n/3 in the active (aka Byzantine) setting when the parties may deviate from the protocol.

I will survey a recent line of works that settles the round complexity of perfect-MPC with optimal security threshold for general functions. In particular, we show that 2 rounds are sufficient and necessary in the passive setting and 4 rounds are sufficient and necessary in the active setting.

Based on joint works with Zvika Brakerski, Eliran Kachlon, Arpita Ptra, and Rotem Tsabary.

The talk will be over zoom --- Zoom Link: