TOC Seminar Fall 2001

Wed. September 19th
Idit Keidar, MIT and Technion
A Simple Proof of the Uniform Consensus Lower Bound

Wed. September 26th
Marten van Dijk, Philips Research Laboratories and MIT
Optical recording systems beyond DVD

Wed. October 3rd
Santosh Vempala, Department of Mathematics, MIT
Solving Linear and Convex Programs, Easily.

Wed. October 10
Ronen Shaltiel, Weizmann Institute
Simple extractors for all min-entropies and a new pseudo-random generator

Fri. October 19th , 4:15pm in 2-338
Joint with Combinatorics Seminar
Eugene M. Luks, University of Oregon
Better than Brute Force

Wed. October 24th
Kamal Jain, Microsoft Research
Equitable, Group Strategyproof Cost Allocations via Primal-Dual-Type Algorithms

Wed. October 31st
Adam Kalai, MIT
Expert Advice for On-line Algorithms

Tues. November 13th. 4:15pm in 8th floor playroom (rescheduled from Wed. Nov. 7th)
Mikkel Thorup, AT&T
Compact Oracles for Reachability and Approximate Distances in Planar Digraphs

Wed. November 14th
Joe Mitchell, SUNY Stony Brook
The Freeze-Tag Problem: How to Wake Up a Swarm of Robots

Wed. November 21st
Neal Young, Akamai
Sequential and Parallel Algorithms for Mixed Packing and Covering

Wed. November 28th
Eva Tardos, Cornell
How Bad is Selfish Routing?

Wed. December 5th
Eli Ben-Sasson, Harvard
Expansion in Proof Complexity