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Ph.D. Theses

M.S. Theses

Bachelor's Theses and Advanced Undergraduate Projects

(These are listed in revers chronological order, within category)




Boyle, Elette Secure Multi-Party Protocols Under a Modern Lens, June 2013. 


Shen, Emily Pattern Matching Encryption, Strategic Equivalence of Range Voting and Approval Voting, and Statistical Robustness of Voting Rules, February 2013. PDF     


Rothblum, Guy Delegating Computation Reliably: Paradigms and Constructions, 2010.         


Sutherland, Andrew V.
Order Computations in Generic Groups, June 2007.
pdf (740KB)


Adida, Ben
 Advances in Cryptographic Voting Systems, September 2006. PDF (2.1 MB)


Peikert, Chris
 Cryptographic Error Correction, July 2006. PDF (510 KB)


Hohenberger, Susan
 Advances in Signatures, Encryption, and E-Cash from Bilinear Groups, May 2006. PDF file (1.4 MB)


Weis, Stephen
 New Foundations for Efficient Authentication, Commutative Cryptography, and Private Disjointness Testing, May 2006.
 PDF file (1.6 MB)


Fu, Kevin 
Integrity and access control in untrusted content distribution networks, September 2005. PDF file (700K)


Garfinkel, Simson L.
 Design Principles and Patterns for Computer Systems That Are Simultaneously Secure and Usable, May 2005.
 PDF file (31MB)


Clarke, Dwaine
 Towards Constant Bandwidth Overhead Integrity Checking of Untrusted Data, May 2005.
 PDF File (822K)


Liskov, Moses
 New Tools in Cryptography: Mutually Independent Commitments, Tweakable Block Ciphers, and Plaintext Awareness via Key Registration, May 2004. Postscript File (1.3M) PDF File (644K)


Herzog, Jonathan
 Computational Soundness for Standard Assumptions of Formal Cryptography, May 2004.
Gzipped Postscript File (408K) Postscript File (1.1M) PDF File (590K)


Lysyanskaya, Anna
 Signature Schemes and Applications to Cryptographic Protocol Design, September 2002.
Gzipped Postscript File (430K) Postscript File (1.8M) PDF File (1.8M)


Jarecki, Stanislaw
 Efficient Threshold Cryptosystems, June 2001.
 Gzipped Postscript File (798K) Postscript File (2297K)


Reyzin, Leonid
 Zero-Knowledge with Public Keys, June 2001.
 Gzipped Postscript File (205K) Postscript File (962K) PDF File (374K)


Ramzan, Zulfikar
A Study of Luby-Rackoff Ciphers, January 2001. Postscript File (1794K) PDF File (1156K)


Dodis, Yevgeniy
 Exposure-Resilient Cryptography, August 2000.
 Gzipped Postscript File (377K) Postscript File (1704K)


Boyko, Victor 
On All-or-Nothing Transforms and Password-Authenticated Key Exchange Protocols, May 2000 (version of 5/28/00, with some clarifications added as compared to the submitted version of 5/22/00). Gzipped Postscript File (360K) Postscript File (1584K)


Malkin, Tal
A Study of Secure Database Access and General Two-Party Computation, February 2000.
Gzipped Postscript File (461K) Postscript File (1899K)


Sahai, Amit NEW Frontiers in zero knowledge, June 2000. 


Vadhan, Salil
 A Study of Statistical Zero-Knowledge Proofs, August 1999.
(Winner of 2000 ACM Dissertation Award.)
 Gzipped Postscript File (521K) Postscript File (2082K)


Micciancio, Daniele
 On the Hardness of the Shortest Vector Problem, September 1998.
Gzipped Postscript File (281K) Postscript File (1369K)


 Gennaro, Rosario Theory and Practice of Verifiable Secret Sharing, June 1996.


Ostrovsky, Rafail
 Software Protection and Simulation on Oblivious RAMs, 1992. Postscript (548K) PDF (471K)


Bellare, Mihir
 Randomness in Interactive Proofs, August 1991.


Mansour, Yishai
 On the Complexity of Algebraic Functions, June 1990.


Aiello, Bill
 Complexity Aspects of Interactive Proofs, June 1988.


Feldman, Paul
 Cryptographic Protocols, August 1988.


Kaliski, Burton S. 
Elliptic Curves and Cryptography: A Pseudorandom Bit Generator and Other Tools, January 1988.


Kilian, Joe
 Primality Testing and the Power of Noisy Communication Channel, May 1988.


Sherman, Alan
 Cryptology and VLSI: A Two-Part Dissertation, October 1986.


Hastad, Johan 
Computational Limitations for Small Depth Circuits., May 1986.


Chor, Benny
 Two Issues in Public Key Cryptography: RSA Bit Security and A New Knapsack Type System, May, 1985.
(Note: This thesis won the 1985 ACM Distinguished Dissertation Award.)



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Charles Z. Liu  Performance Optimazation of a Split-Value Voting System, June 2015. pdf


Marco Pedroso  The Implementation of a Split-Value Verifiable Voting System, January, 2015. pdf


Madars Virza  Snarks for C: Verifying Program Executions Succinctly and in Zero Knowledge, 2014. pdf


Jason K. Juang
 Practical Implementation and Analysis of Hyper-Encryption, May 2009. pdf (491KB)


Christopher Y. Crutchfield 
Security Proofs for the MD6 Hash Function Mode of Operation, June 2008. pdf


Emily Shen 
End-to-End Verifiability for Optical Scan Voting Systems, June 2008. pdf (415KB)


Waseem S. Daher
 POSH: A Generalized CAPTCHA With Security Applications, June 2008. pdf (1.2MB)


Vo, Binh 
A Fair Payment System with Online Anonymous Transfer , October 2006 PDF (809K)


Forsythe, Joy Marie
 Encrypted Receipts for Voter-Verified Elections Using Homomorphic Encryption. September 2005. pdf


Lin, Amerson H. 
Automated Analysis of Security APIs, May 2005 Postscript (1844K) PDF (809K)


Patil, Akshay
 On Symbolic Analysis of Cryptographic Protocols, May 2005 Postscript (801K) PDF (506K)


Wilson, David A.
 Error-Free Message Transmission in the Universal Composability Framework. May 2005. PDF


Youn, Paul
 The Analysis of Cryptographic APIs Using The Theorem Prover Otter, May 2004. Postscript (2,368K) PDF (316K)


Wagner, Ryan
 Graph-Based Privacy Preference Expression for the Semantic Web, May 2004. pdf (4,238KB)


Weis, Stephen
 Security and Privacy in Radio-Frequency Identification Devices, May 2003 Postscript (1,723K) PDF (474K) 


Hohenberger, Susan
 The Cryptographic Impact of Groups with Infeasible Inversion, May 2003. Postscript (1,221K) PDF (846K)

Nguyen, Thien-Loc
 National Identification Systems, March 2003. Postscript (1,910K) GZipped Postscript (412K) PDF (613K)


Herzog, Jonathan
 Computational Soundness of Formal Adversaries, September 2002. Postscript File (962K) GZipped Postscript File (202K) PDF (438K)


Mulligan, Jennifer
 Detection and Recovery from the Oblivious Engineer Attack, September 2002. Postscript File (423K) PDF (896K)


Lepinski, Matthew
 On the Existence of 3-Round Zero-Knowledge Proofs, June 2002. Postscript File (348K) Gzipped Postscript (136K)


Woodruff, David
 Cryptography in an Unbounded Computational Model, May 2002. Postscript File PDF


Clarke, Dwaine
 SPKI/SDSI HTTP Server / Certificate Chain Discovery in SPKI/SDSI , September 2001. PDF File (566K)


Smith, Adam
 Multi-party Quantum Computing, September 2001. PS File or PDF File


Peikert, Chris
 Adaptive Security in the Threshold Setting: From Cryptosystems to Signatures, June 2001. Postscript File (945K) DVI File (159K)


Liskov, Moses
 Amortized E-Cash, February 2001. Postscript File (690K) Gzipped Postscript (138K)


Thaper, Nitin 
Using Compression For Source Based Classification Of Text, February 2001. Postscript File (418K) Gzipped Postscript (109K)


Dingledine, Roger
 The Free Haven Project: Design and Deployment of an Anonymous Secure Data Haven, June 2000. Postscript File (768K) PDF File (737K)


Maywah, Andrew J.
 An Implementation of a Secure Web Client Using SPKI/SDSI Certificates, June 2000. Postscript File (7104K)


Adida, Ben
 Self-Describing Cryptography through Certified Universal Code, June 1999. Adobe Acrobat Gzipped Postscript


Lysyanskaya, Anna
 Pseudonym Systems, May 1999 PDF File (267K) Gzipped Postscript File (154K) Postscript File (740K)


Fu, Kevin
 Group Sharing and Random Access in Cryptographic Storage File Systems, May 1999. Postscript File Adobe Acrobat File


Ramzan, Zulfikar
 Group Blind Digital Signatures: Theory and Applications, May 1999. Adobe Acrobat File Postscript File


Reyzin, Leonid 
Improving the Exact Security of Digital Signature Schemes, May 1999. Gzipped Postscript File (148K) Postscript File (725K)


Boyko, Victor
 A Pre-Computation Scheme for Speeding Up Public-Key Cryptosystems, May 1998. Gzipped Postscript File (168K) Postscript File (872K)


Burstein, Jeffrey
 An Implementation of MicroMint, May 1998. 


Morcos, Alexander 
A Java Implementation of Simple Distributed Security Infrastructure , May 1998.


Elien, Jean-Emile
 Certificate Discovery Using SPKI/SDSI 2.0 Certificates , May 1998. (Acrobat)
Also available in Postscript and DVI formats.


Elcock, Gillian D.
 Web-Based User Interface for a Simple Distributed Security Infrastructure (SDSI) , June 1997.


Herschberg, Mark A.
 Secure Electronic Voting Using the World Wide Web, June 1997.


Fredette, Matthew 
An Implementation of SDSI---The Simple Distributed Security Infrastructure, May 1997.
Also available in DVI format.


Jarecki, Stanislaw
 Proactive Secret Sharing and Public Key Cryptosystems February 1996.


Zidaric-Sudovacki, Dinko 
Secure WWW Server for Lotus Notes, February 1996.


Russell, Alexander
 Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Collision-Free Hashing, 1993.


Mohtashemi, Mojdeh
 On the Cryptanalysis of Huffman Codes, June 1992.


Kaliski, Burton S. 
Design and Reliability of Custom Hardware for DES Cycling Experiments, February 1987.


Sherman, Alan
 On The Enigma Cryptograph and Formal Definitions of Cryptographic Strength, June 1981.


Pinter, Ronald
 Using Hyperbolic Tangents in Integer Factoring, February 1980.


Ma, Moses Hsingwen
 Critical Analysis of Some Public-Key Cryptosystems for High-Speed Satellite Transmission Applications, June 1980.


Michelman, Eric
 Public-Key Cryptosystems -- An Applications Viewpoint, June 1978.

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Chau, David 
Prototyping a Lightweight Trust Architecture To Fight Phishing, (May 2005). pdf


Kamin, Todd
 The Free Haven User Interface: Methods for Inserting and Retrieiving Information Stored in Free Haven, May, 2000.
(Note: this copy seems to be a preliminary version rather than the final version.)


Sniffen, Brian T.
 Trust Economies in the Free Haven Project, May, 2000.


Freedman, Michael J.
 Design and Analysis of an Anonymous Communication Channel for the Free Haven Project, May, 2000.


Maywah, Andrew
 SPKI/SDSI Secure Web Server Project, May, 1999.


DuRette, Brandon W.
 Multiple Administrators for Electronic Voting , May 1999.


Grabowski, Holly L.
 A Survey of World Wide Web Security, January 1997.


Chu, Yang-hua 
Implementing a Cryptographic Protocol: Secret Exchange, Spring 1996 (Joint with Gillian Elcock)


Elcock, Gillian 
Implementing a Cryptographic Protocol: Secret Exchange, Spring 1996 (Joint with Yang-hua Chu)


Kaliski, Burton S.
 Analysis of Wyner's Analog Encryption Scheme, June 1984.


Wang, Susan S.Y. 
A Study of Schnorr and Lenstra's Factoring Algorithm, September 1983.


Kohnfelder, Loren M.
 Towards a Practical Public-Key Cryptosystem, May 1978.

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