CIS Software


This is a partial list of recent software (relating to cryptography and information security) of the members of the Cryptography and Information Security Group of MIT's Lab for Computer Science Some of this software is source code, other is just stuff to demo.

Members of the CIS Group: Please add your references here!


Domestic Web Server

If you are a member of the CIS group, and have some software that falls under the US export laws that you would like to publish on the Web, read this page. It describes the Domestic Web Server, which can limit the distribution of export-controlled software to those users who represent themselves as eligible to receive it. The author of the dws believes this due diligence is sufficient to satisfy current US export laws.


Electronic Voting---EVOX

See the project web site.


Cryptographic Protocol Language

CPL is a simple, near-English language for expressing cryptographic protocols. An accompanying compilier translates protocols expressed as CPL "code" into working Java clients. CPL is also packaged with a tool for converting protocol descriptions into LaTeX diagrams.CPL lowers the barrier between abstract mathematical descriptions and working code. Potential uses include protocol design, code prototyping and functioning as a teaching aid.

See the project web site.